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Stephen Colbert pretending to climb like Spiderman/Elliot

Perching MAVs

-New York Times: What You Get When You Blend a Drone and a Gecko



-NBC News: Tiny Gecko-Inspired Robots Carry Loads Over 100 Times Their Weight

-Huffington Post: Tiny Robots Use Gecko Power To Carry Heavy Weights

-CNN Money: These tiny robots have superhuman strength

-Forbes: These Micro Robots Can Haul 2,000 Times Their Weight


Human Climbing Project

-Science Magazine News: Gecko inspired adhesives allow people to climb walls

-The Guardian: Geckos inspire scientists in US military-developed Spider-Man suit


-Cell: Building a Superhero

-Newsweek: Gecko gloves let scientist climb sheer glass walls

-Popular Mechanics: Scientists have created gecko-inspired spider man gloves

-Stanford News: Stanford engineers climb walls using gecko-inspired climbing device

-Huffington Post: Scientists Figure Out How To Scale Walls Like Spider-Man

-Washington Post: Inspired by geckos (and possibly ‘Mission Impossible’), researchers

    unveil adhesives that allow humans to scale walls

-BBC News: Geckos inspire 'Spider-Man' gloves

-Fox News: Gecko-inspired adhesive enables people to scale buildings

-MIT TechReview: An Artificial Adhesive Outgrips the Gecko

-Boston Globe: A new invention that helps you climb like a gecko

-San Jose Mercury News: (Front page in print) Stanford 'lizard brains' create gecko-like paws

            that allow humans to scale glass walls

-New York Times: Climbing a Glass Building? Try a Gecko’s Sticky Pads

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